June 2017
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Discover Our Story!

Our Story

The Center for Children and Families is a forward-thinking non-profit organization, established in 2008. We began as Second Chance Home, which provided families with a safe, supportive place to live, a nurturing environment for children while their parents underwent treatment for addiction and mental illness. With one employee and a laptop in the living room of a vacant home, we set out to change the lives of children and families in our community.  

From these humble roots, our agency began to grow. In 2011, Second Chance Home merged with Arrowhead Psychological Services to create The Center for Children and Families. We moved into a facility in downtown Billings and started to further our reach, offering comprehensive counseling and therapy programs, group programs, and other family-oriented programs designed to help create the best futures possible for the children and families we serve.

The Best Interest of the Child

Every service we offer, and every decision we make is based on the question: “What is in the best interest of the child?” We realize that when parents are caught in the cycle of substance abuse, they are not the only ones affected – addiction has a profound effect on the entire family: children, parents and sometimes even grandparents. This is why we take a multi-generational approach to our treatment programs. When parents are in treatment, we make sure that children receive counseling and other services to help them manage the multitude of feelings and experiences they are having surrounding their parents condition.  

The Center for Children and Families takes an evidence based approach to treatment. We look at current research to ensure that the methods we are using are proven to work and bring results, and build on that research in order to provide the most effect approach to our mission. We are constantly measuring the results of our programs to ensure that they are not only effective for our clients, but also the best use of our resources.

Running A Marathon For Success

At The Center, we measure success in many different ways. We want the kids we help to find success academically and socially, and we want our parents to be able to overcome the cycle of substance abuse and addiction. We often say that we are running a marathon – we are working not only to treat children and families in the short term, we are working to ensure their safety and well-being over a lifetime. From simple life skills to more complex challenges, in our programs, we teach social and emotional tools to take on life’s inevitable challenges and recover from setbacks.

We believe in the families we worth with, we stick with the families we work with, and we do not give up on them. We do not give up on our community, or making a change. We believe that starting with one child, one family, will serve an entire community and make an impact.

While many things have changed since the beginning, one thing remains the same:  The Center for Children and Families is passionate about the vision that started it all – the safety, resiliency and well-being of children.

With Your Help … We WILL Make it Happen

Our programs and services are funded in a variety of ways – contracts, grants, and insurance billing. But these funding sources will only take us so far. In order to accomplish our goals, we need the help of the entire community. Private donations will help:

  • Assist clients in an emergency situation
  • Hire and train additional staff
  • Develop new services – including reopening our original pilot program, Second Chance Home
  • Delivery of non-billable services
  • Supervision and training of interns

We believe that working together with the community, we can tremendously impact the lives of so many. Your donation will directly affect the lives of so many, and your support will mean that our work can continue.

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For online donations, we trust Network for Good to keep your information safe and private.

Help change the future of our community. Please Donate to The Center for Children and Families.