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Behavioral Health Services

Substance abuse affects the whole family.

At The Center for Children and Families, adults engage in “traditional” group treatment and participate in family group therapy, which includes children, significant others and extended family members.


Individual & Family Therapy

Mental health counseling and group therapy promote healthy relationships and well-being for parents, children and families. Traditional “talking” therapy as well as Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)* and Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT)*

Neuropsychological Evaluation

Clinical neuropsychological assessment focuses on a child or adult’s psychological, personal, interpersonal and wider contextual circumstances to understand the pattern of cognitive strengths as well as any difficulties a person may have, and to aid decision making for use in a medical or rehabilitation environment. Assessment of cognitive functioning may include orientation, new-learning/memory, intelligence, language, visuoperception, and executive function.

  • Thorough review of patient records and history
  • Compilation of information from a perspective outside the family including but not limited to:
    • parents
    • teachers
    • daycare providers
    • therapists
    • case managers
    • psychiatrists
    • physicians

Parent and Child Interaction Assessments, Therapy & Therapeutic Parenting

Assessment and intervention for families with children between the ages of 2 to 7 who exhibit disruptive behaviors.

  • standardized interviews
  • personality questionnaires
  • parenting inventory
  • observation of parent/child interactions to identify important risk factors related to maltreatment


A visitation/play therapy model with parents and children to address issues identified during assessment.


Therapeutic Parenting
More than supervised visitation. Short, frequent, structured therapeutic interaction sessions between parents and children. Each appointment includes pre-visitation and post-visitation goal setting and review.


Circle of Security Parenting
~ For parents
Group intervention for parents with children age birth to five years. Helps parents to raise children with love, warmth, emotional intelligence and an awareness of attachment.


A psycho-educational class with a focus on effective co-parenting during divorce/separation. Works with parents or caregivers experiencing divorce, separation or changes in co-parenting. Teaches caregivers to be child-centered and to assist children in understanding the fear and trauma that come with these changes.


Seeking Safety

Group intervention for women to address Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders and Substance Abuse issues

Untangling Relationships

Group intervention to address co-dependency, a woman’s choice in intimate and family relationships, and healthy choices.

Mens Trauma Recovery Group

A Psycho-educational*

Celebrating Families!™

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Circle of Security

Seeking Safety


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