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Fathers Upfront

What is the Fathers Upfront Program?

Having a fully engaged father or father figure can significantly enhance the life of a child. The goal of Fathers Upfront is to help children in their development through engaging fathers and father figures more into their lives.  This engagement can help children better develop physically, emotionally and socially, increasing their health and happiness.

Using the unique 24/7 Dad® program developed by the National Fatherhood Initiative, along with groups and programs offered through The Center, Dads will learn about many of the angles of providing and caring for children. 24/7 Dad® is an evidence-based program that supports growth and development of both fathers and children as caring, compassionate individuals who treat themselves and others with respect and dignity.

Creating Bonds That Will Last a Lifetime …

Each aspect of the Fathers Upfront Program works to help fathers and father figures increase their knowledge and skill to engage in healthy relationships with their children. Working with a social worker, fathers will identify skills they already have and the ones that need to be developed.

These skills will last a lifetime, encourage deeper bonding with their children, and perhaps prevent the problems that children without an engaged father or father figure might face: addiction, incarceration, depression or other social and health concerns.

Specific Services Offered Through The Fathers Upfront Program:

  • Helping Men Recover
  • Therapeutic Parenting Time
  • 24/7 Dad® – AM and PM Programs
  • Men’s Trauma Group
  • Transparenting Class
  • Untangling Relationships
  • Circle of Security
  • Celebrating Families!

Benefits of the Fathers Upfront Program

Increasing father involvement is vital for the healthy development of a child. When fathers and father figures participate in the Fathers Upfront Program, they will gain the benefits of:

  •  Therapeutic parenting time, as well as more one-on-one parenting time with their children
  • Monthly fun and interactive activities with their children to practice and enhance “real world” parenting skills
  • Father-specific classes to help children grow up feeling more secure and confident about the future

Helpful Fatherhood Web Sites

For more information about different issues surrounding fathers, father figures, and masculinity, you can visit these web sites:

Dan Griffin – Dan Griffin has 16 years of experience in addiction and mental health. On his web site, Dan offers a number of resources for men who are currently undergoing treatment for mental illness or addiction issues.

The National Fatherhood Initiative  – The NFI is one of the nation’s leading programs that is aimed at the issue of father absence. Their web site contains several great resources for fathers, including free e-books and downloadable materials that offers helpful tips for fathers.

All Pro Dad – According to their web site, All Pro Dad is “a group of people passionately committed to bringing intentional focus to fathers around the world.” Their web site contains videos, free downloadable resources, and other materials.

For more information on the Fathers Upfront Program, please contact:


William Blakeley

Program Manager
(406) 294-5090 (office)
(406) 591-2442  (cell)
email: willb@forfamilies.org

Researcher and Development
(406) 294-5090 (office)
(406) 670-2454  (cell)
email: mikelw@forfamilies.org